Friday, May 31, 2013

Association dinner

Heather Hawksford invited me to be speaker for the third dinner in her Association series. She asked me to speak about purpose.

There were a small group of us, 40 or so, eating family style in a beautiful setting at Union/Pine. I spoke for about ten minutes between courses, and then gave everyone a little conversation game on the topic for the rest of the meal. At dessert, everyone switched tables and started conversations with different people, many of us making new connections. It was spirited and lively and lovely, and most everyone seemed to really enjoy it.

I started with a visual aid, a scale-size earth and moon, connected by twine at the appropriate distance. Reed Harkness helped me stretch them apart.

It's a great reminder of our inescapable and inexplicable situation: we live on a blue ball, circled by a small white ball, lit and warmed and kept alive by a larger ball much further away, and surrounded by billions of other balls, most of them very, very, very far away. What does it all mean? How did I get here? What am I supposed to do with the short time that I am here? What is my purpose?

The nature of the cosmic experience is one of expansion and growth. An upward and outward spiraling. We participate fully in the experience by participating in our own expansion and growth. We are pieces of Universe and that's what Universe does.

Purpose is about seeking and discovering and living our potential. Purpose comes from pro pos, which means to put forth. I think of an acorn putting forth an oak tree, and then thousands of more acorns. What do we put forth? That's how we participate in what's unfolding. And what we grow into and put forth is exactly what the world wants and needs. It's a beautiful thing.

After sharing my thoughts, I left the diners with these little spinner games and let the conversations do the rest.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Thanks to Heather and everyone who worked so hard to put together this wonderful evening. 

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