Friday, March 22, 2013

The sort of thing I'm posting on FB

Thanks to the people who've migrated over there. Sorry to the folks who followed the blawg who don't do FB. I like being over there because the conversation is more participatory, no anonymous comments, either - everyone is as exposed as me.

And here's the article I linked to. Thanks for looking into this issue.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Social/blawg update

I looked at my analytics and saw that I still have a reliable few people who check out this blawg - thanks, loyalists! I've sort of moved my activity/conversation over to Facebook. I've also been playing with Instagram, and that's probably lessened my tweeting. You are welcome to follow me over to those places, though I have been not accepting any more requests on FB unless I know the person. So if you friend-request me, say "I read your blawg" and you can join the fun. Thanks.

Social media/digital/mobile still fascinates me. Have spent the last year working with a client who is in the top 3 - maybe first - of "social" brands, and their sophistication and fluidity, combined with speed of technical advance and adoption and integration by people - it's mind blowing.

I like to participate in it, but feel the tension, too. How much is too much? How many Instagram photos do you have to take of the Lego show before you start being less-present at the event, or to the people around you?

Overall, I think it's interesting and full of possibilities. I enjoy seeing how people are using it.

So, perhaps I'll see you over at Facebook, or better yet, in real life, working with you, speaking at your event or classroom, having coffee if we're friends, and we'll talk about what all this social/digital/mobile connectivity means to you. 

Thanks -


2012 CUSP Conference

One more thing. These are a few slides from a presentation I gave last year. Mia Nolting designed them. The theme of the conference was "The Design of Everything." I talked about how designers and artists share the responsibility of observing the world and looking for order.