Thursday, November 8, 2012

Meaningful work for all

Could there be any other goal? When we are involved in work that we find meaningful, we are at our best.

Daniel Pink tells us that we find our motivation in activity that gives us three things: autonomy, having some self-determination in our work and how we do it, mastery, something that we can get better at over time, and purpose, work that we feel has value.

What sort of work could that be?

I imagine that that work will emerge as we get clearer on seeing ourselves as one human family - with complexities and individualities, but shared ideas of what we want and value. That's what I heard from the President the other night. We are headed that way. It's inevitable.

It seems to me that once we pass the tipping point on that idea, and reject the winner/loser mentality, our first shared task will be around energy, how to produce enough of it to do all the wonderful things it does for us, but in a way that scientists tell us is vital. As Bucky Fuller summed it up years ago, instead of drawing off of our Energy Reserves, drawing off of our Energy Income. We will do this work, and it will be exciting, and the result will be elegant.

What can we do now to bring us closer to this goal? That is a question I ask a lot.