Monday, August 22, 2011

How to have a successful internship.

Strange to come in this morning without Mr. NJ Placentra in the studio. He was quiet, sincere, funny, hard-working and very pleasant to be around. I had to come in very early to beat him in here. More than once I tried to get in an early hour or so before everyone else came in, and he'd be here, working, writing in his journal, reading, making things, sharpening pencils. Never saw him on Facebook.

He produced a lot of work and shared a lot of thinking, dove into everything with equal attention and gusto. He was open to and hungry for feedback. He installed axe walls, helped create events, performed PA duties on set, came up with ideas, designed and did production. He had good ideas and was good at giving feedback himself.

NJ managed to have an internship and attend the Cannes Ad Festival in the same summer, and received 5 well-deserved trophies himself. What a summer.

As a parting gift, NJ made us a deck of cards with what he'd learned this summer, and I am so happy to share it. So nice. I'd recommend viewing it fullscreen.

And here's what I learned from my experience this summer with NJ, on how to have a successful internship.

1. Only take in an intern if you're really excited about it.
2. Ask intern to set out goals.
3. Agree to financial conditions that are fair and agreeable to everyone.
4. Apprenticeship is better than internship.
5. Demanding conditions.
6. Openness.

Thanks, NJ, and best of luck.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We are monsters

The pictures don't do them justice. Stop by sometime and see the portraits of the inhabitants of Jelly Helm Studio as rendered by the talented Mette Hornung Rankin.