Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Margaret Richardson in the studio

Had a nice visit yesterday from Sr. Mary Fabian a/k/a Margaret Richardson and her Contemporary Design Case Studies class from PSU. Nice group. They began by sharing what they are excited about with their work right now, and it was infectious.

Margaret brought me this photo of herself, the editor of PRINT Magazine is in the center, and Sr. Corita Kent. Margaret knows I have a thing for Sr. Corita.

When this photo was taken, Sr. Corita was in New York and being interviewed about the controversial window displays she had designed in the city. It was the in the midst of the Vietnam War, and Sr. Corita had the audacity of making the windows about Peace. Shocking.

At that moment, Margaret was working as a freelance journalist on this assignment. When Sr. Corita found out Margaret was an ex-nun, she focused her attention on her. She sent her to meet two brothers living in the Village, artists and poets and social activists with reputations as dangerous characters. Turned out Margaret was being sent to meet the Berrigan brothers (!) and she said they were just lovely.

So yesterday, the young designers and Margaret and I, we talked about where to find inspiration in your work, whether balance is possible at the start of your career - maybe not? - and how you sustain good, meaningful work for a lifetime. We talked about story. We talked about noticing.

Thanks Margaret! Hope to see you again next year. Good luck in London.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Kickstart this

Because I am a Craphound owner, and Chloe is a friend, and I like the idea of Kickstarter, and this art is so gorgeous, I am sharing this project. Fund it if you like it.