Monday, January 25, 2010

More 2010

From a new website my friend Colin worked on. He works at Red Hat.

What problems can we solve? How would it affect the way we learn? Work? Run our governments?

We want to shine a light on the places where the open source way is multiplying ideas and effort, even beyond technology. We believe that will be a gathering place for many of the open source stories we'd like to share--through articles, audio, web presentations, video, or open discussion.

Introducing Aaron Rayburn

Today is the first day for Mr. Aaron Rayburn, the talented, thoughtful and interesting young man who is now working with me as a designer, writer, maker, thinker and doer.

It is difficult to express how lucky and grateful I am to have met Aaron, which happened in a round about way through Kate at PSU via Chloe at Reading Frenzy, with a little of Jason Sturgill and Kathleen Holt thrown in.

I'm still going through a small group of the applications. In addition to the actual applications, there's an endless amount of internet stuff for just about every person who applied - online work samples, blogs, interviews, videos - so I end up getting a rich introduction, perhaps a more nuanced idea of who a person is and what inspires them. It's taking time and I'm really enjoying it. That's how I found these words from Frank Chimero.

Almost done. This afternoon, I'll invite the four or five finalists to an event I'm hosting in my studio. I look forward to meeting these talented people and perhaps working with them one day. I'll also be inviting some clients and other people I've collaborated with this year. Making way for and pre-celebrating whatever 2010 holds.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Razor and Blade

Great photo shoot this week with Chris Hornbecker. He shot some more portraits for IDRI. It's a great atmosphere shooting with him and his assistant, Caleb. They were playing '80s music off Caleb's ipod, and the people we were photographing were loving it, and that got us talking about how awesome the '80s were, so wrong and awesome, and just cracking up about how amazing the music and fashion and politics and style and philosophies were.

So while I was gone during the lunchbreak, Chris and Caleb took these shots of each other as "RAZOR and BLADE: This electro-pop duo/time traveling crime fighting team travel back to the '80s to fight crime and end Reaganomics."

Monday, January 18, 2010

Keep on the sunny side

Burning the boring stuff

One design assistant applicant sent two sealed letters, "The boring stuff" and "The interesting stuff," with instructions to read one and burn the other without opening.

"The interesting stuff," now opened, is one of a dozen or so applications left on my table. I'll be cutting that number in half and contacting those people shortly, and everyone else soon thereafter.

I'm heading to Seattle for a client meeting tomorrow, back in a couple of days. I'm going to go over everything one more time to make sure I didn't miss anything/anyone. Thanks for your patience and generosity and the privilege of looking at your work.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Well that's cool.

Some people have been coming by to drop off applications. Most just hand them over and split. A dude named Lloyd just came by and as he handed me his envelope, he said, "I'm glad you found someone awesome for the position." It stopped me for a second and I said, "Thanks, that's nice of you to say." And he said, "I read your blawg, and the design assistant thing didn't sound right for me, but when you said you had found someone and now were looking for people for collaborations, I got interested. I'm all about collaboration."

Monday, January 11, 2010


Recruiting update. Applications continue to roll in for the design job. With a week to go, I've received way more than I expected.

One application stood head and shoulders above the others, and I met the applicant last week, and hired him the next day.

I'm going to continue to review applications, and host something fun for 6 or so people whom I'd like to meet and possibly collaborate with someday. So if you haven't gotten your application in, or even if you have, that's the new prize. I'll contact those people next week.

Thanks again to everyone who helped me in this process, and particularly to everyone who put so much into their application. This search has been enriching, and it continues to unfold.