Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Love-based Economy

There's been a lot of talk about what sort of economy will replace the Consumer Economy as the central engine for creating human well-being and delivering a high standard of life for the most people.

Many people think it's the New Energy Economy - providing clean, cheap, abundant energy to a world that needs it. I've heard people talk about an economy that's less dependent on material goods and places a higher value on human intelligence and innovation - a Services Economy or Intelligence Economy.

It's hard to know or predict. Sometimes it's easier for me to imagine 5000 years in the future than next Thursday.

I would imagine that our economy in five thousand years would be inclusive and beneficial for all human beings, that it would bring out our best on every level, serve everyone on earth as well as the planet.

I've been talking to people about the role of purpose in drawing out our talent and drive and value-creation for the world. "How much more effective are you when you are engaged in meaningful work?" I asked the president of a Portland art school. "Oh, about eight times," she said.

Did I hear that all meaningful activity begins with the love of something small? You love something, so you do something, and that creates wealth and abundance - for the world and then back to yourself. A Love-based Economy.

Examples of the Love-based Economy abound. Howard Schultz loves coffee culture, and Phil Knight loves running and innovation, Steve Jobs loved computers as tools to draw out the human spirit, and look what happens. The love leads to sustained action and you become a nuclear reactor creating abundance and energy for the world. You might be an example of the Love-based Economy yourself.

I've left out an important piece. It isn't enough to love that thing itself, that object of your passion. Coffee, or shoes, or computers, or whatever. You have to love people. You have to do your work in service to humanity. If you want to create profit, you create wealth, and the best door in might be love.


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Crazee Me said...

Glimpse of Love Based World
Consider a world where there is no money.  You have free transportation, education, health, sports, food entertainment. Everything is free free free.
You  go to market and you can have anything you want; you get only best quality and there will be no price tag. You identify your requirement and accordingly you choose or ask to store keeper.  No one is owning that store but everybody by their interest serving on that store. The person on the store keeping is very happy to give your desired stuff/service. Possibly expert and knowledgeable person of that particular product give you information of product and help you to choose product considering your requirement. There is no question of quality as everything here is of possible best quality.  Here everything is mine and everything is yours. People make the useful products and share to others. Main goal is to create well being. If I got something from market or from others I use it and at any time if I find no requirement of it I give it back to society.
We utilize natural resources as per need of society; we create best stuff from it.  What is produced is to be shared equally.
Everybody make different thing and so each one give it to others. I share to you and you share to me. We think of giving because we have no worry to receive that is beauty of this world
We get best houses to live, best cars to drive and all best services.   No locks on the house doors. A society of complete trust.

Our mind body and intellect are made to work. So we can’t stop working. Opposite to it we can’t be in such a condition to be overloaded by work.  So, certainly we need work but balanced work. When we work it is sure there we will get some output of work. And we are always happy to give/share this output to others. 
So, Let us consider that we enjoy the work, we do it for our fun and then output is for fun of giving. If everyone do this to others then everyone will work and give and everyone will receive.  So each kind of work is done and each kind of output is shared so whether we demand or not we get everything we want.

Crazee Me said...

Here you get everything free from society for you. You are gifted without asking or you ask and you are given as a gift. You need not to return anything back. Here the one who gives you is giving for the pleasure of love and wellbeing of individual considering wellbeing of whole society. Here we build the relation of heart. Here there is no competition. Just give for the pleasure of giving and be happy. You give what you have and others give you what they have. Everybody gives to others then there is no necessity for taking or snatching. I give to someone and someone give to someone else and that way endless chain, at some point someone gives something of my requirement back to me. It is called pay it forward.

Here there is no value of stuff but there is value of requirement of individual. Nothing is compared in terms of value than requirement. Like if someone is hungry then to satisfy his hunger and make him happy is most valuable than any gold jewelry or best car.

Leaving some special people each one have a passion to do something. When we have every resources freely available, a person will try to make something best of his passion. So we make everything best. Here we follow our ambitions in whatever direction we want to go because everything is there for us and everyone is there to support us to whatever we want to do.

I get my all requirement fulfilled easily. Then consider if I find myself in love to grow tress and vegetables. I have access to all places so, I will choose to work in the farm with my own desire. From farm whatever fruit or vegetables are grown are freely available to me. Some other people are also working there. By combine work of all of us a huge output of fruits and vegetables become possible. As all are passionate for this work to give best and here there is nothing to sell so it is sure that we are going to give it to society to individual who require it, freely.  We identify the requirement and set the delivery system or arrange outlet or someone who need it ask us for it, they will be served equally.  With the time I grow in experience and if I can manage a big farm I take responsibility by my willingness and by others cooperation and mutual understanding. It is like working from the position of General Manager in some manufacturing plant.  I make major decisions for that farm based on my long experience. All my decisions are discussed and cooperated by all   for the common good of all.   
If after sometime I want to do something else I give that responsibility to other to take care and server output generated from it to maintain well being by it.

Crazee Me said...

Here we own or occupy houses and small lands or such piece of assets by free will till we wish to use it. I am owner of it without any such real ownership. Here everything is for everybody.
Every work/space is shared with each other with understandings of skills and time and convenience. Everything is done because everyone wants to do it. Everything is given because everyone wants to give.  So there would be no need to snatch, steal and cheat. This is beauty of this world.
We live in a world of love. Unconditional love! Everyone bonded in unconditional love.  Not only stuff but we here give our emotional support and love as a huge family. Perfect well being every way here in now.
Everyone respect each other in this world we leave our doors open to each other.  There are no necessities for locks here as what you want is available to you freely when you want, where you want. We help each other every way to create well being for all.
If someone needs a house to be built the whole neighbourhood and if required many people who are experts living far also come and help to build it and it is a pleasure. Everyone is so happy sharing their individual effort and skills. Everyone is good at something and they use their talents to the fullest to build a house for someone. When the house has been built we all share food and enjoy the evening feeling proud of the job that has been done.  We all live as a family full of love and trust.
We all can ask for help at any time, whether it is for material things or for emotional support. We are all there for each other. 
If a child from house start walking can go anywhere and mother never worried as she know each person feels like that kid is mine and everyone give all what he want and it is most safe everywhere it go and enjoy fully. That kid is part of this big family. Every woman treats it like my child.
It is a simple world where there is freedom and tranquility. There is love and sharing and a sense of community.  

If one person needs his car fixed someone will fix it happily. If I have a car and I want different type of car I simply give mine to someone else and get new one for me.  Or I can give it back to car manufacturer too. Manufacturer takes real care of requirement of people kind of cars they want and it can be most useful to them.
Even restaurants work like that; restaurants are managed by those people are fond of cooking and serving it to people. They get all raw food, space of restaurant and kind of facility inside of it. They use their interest of making food and it become useful to all have variety of foods each day.

Crazee Me said...

Here we have no stress of work. We do all those work which make us feel good and suit to our nature. We get love and support every way. We get everything free. We live in harmony. We get maximum time for our self. We eat only fresh organic food.  We work for wellbeing of all so we do not pollute the earth. We keep our houses and streets, towns and cities clean. That way everybody is having clean atmosphere. We here use all proper option of electricity generation as per resources available.  We have more free time for our self. So we give more attention for health too.  So each kind of illness will have almost no chance to be stable. So everybody is most healthy here. This is most healthy society every way. 
No one is forced to believe in any religion. If people want to believe then it is their life.  Someone wants to construct temple, church or mosque that is their own will and community help every way to do it. 

There will always be natural things like shortage of rain water, poor crop growth etc, but if we all support each other we will get through those times very easily. Every world region people can help those particular area people. And best thing is they can migrate to better place easily anywhere in the world in gift society.
There are no boundaries in gift society. We can go anywhere in this world and live and everything will be arranged for us by cooperation of people.

Here there is no need for policeman but some people by their own good will take responsibility to maintain the base idea and by that creation of wellbeing for all of us.  So, in any bad condition of relations they try to make sooth and perfect living for all of us.