Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We all get working in small groups, collaboratively, no titles. We’ve learned how to create as a team. We’ve learned about the power of storytelling, and creativity, and craft, and voice. We’ve learned about improv, about saying Yes.

We've learned about interactive, and social media, and sharing, and involvement from the audience, and co-creation. We've learned how to tell stories through environments, and packaging, and events. We've learned about embedding into culture.

I'm interested in talking about our work's purpose.


eekim said...

I'm interested in participating in this conversation!

Deana said...

I’m interested in what you mean about “embedding into culture.” I mean if your motivation is tied to becoming part of something that exists then it would seem any artistic visions are automatically mitigated by the need to fit in. Creativity and art are stunted if that is the paradigm as the purpose becomes to serve existing ideas. Can you explain?

I'm principal of a said...

The Holy Grail used to be getting your work mentioned on David Letterman. That's all I'm talking about. Creating stuff that people are talking about, welcoming into their lives.