Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Going dark

Is your going "dark" part, or a result of, the art project? Just curious.


Yeah, D. Busy. Partly the gallery project, for sure. Tonight we continue the installation. It opens next Thursday.

I've also taken on an idiotic creative assignment in the lobby of the Goldsmith Bldg. Last year, building owner David Gold installed a frame in the lobby for a giant mural that goes up on the first Thursday of each month. A few months ago, I signed up for July.

This was my original idea. I love large type, words, questions, uniting ideas. But as it hung on my studio wall, I got tired of it, and spurred by a comment from my wife, I decided to let the mural unfold over the month - create something new every day without knowing where it's going.

We divided the wall up into 35 rectangles for the 35 days that the mural will be up. Each day I'll put up something new. I started with the original idea.

On day 2, I decided to reproduce this graffiti that I spotted on a very active stoop on the side of the building. Take a good look.

I've already had stress dreams about this assignment. It's an exercise in letting go, trust, discovery. We'll see. I'm halfway finished with today's.

I've also been dark because of a lot of other studio work. Finishing up a self-promo poster, took on an Oregon Humanities project that was too fun to pass up, and I'm leaving next week for Poland to produce a series of films for Wikipedia at their annual gathering of Wikimaniacs. I'm also participating in a fund raiser for Write Around Portland where a artist/writer creates a personalized writing journal and they auction it off.

So D., some of it is about being busy, but I am also going to use the month of July as an experiment where I do all my expression/creating in the real world, and give Facebook, Twitter and the blawg a little rest. See what happens. Documenting it/talking about it less, and concentrating on experiencing it.

I'll be back. And I'm still on email.


Anonymous said...

why not pull the weeds in your yard if ya wanna do some good work for humanity....

yuri nabor

I'm principal of a said...

Come see the show, Yuri!