Thursday, June 17, 2010


In January, when Aaron started, he mentioned that he had a show scheduled for the Littman Gallery in July, and wondered if it should/could be a project for the studio. Sure, I said. An art show. That'll be fun.

I went to check out the space, and it's gorgeous. It's on the PSU campus and its huge windows face the park blocks. Great.

We thought about what we had to say, how we'd construct a show, what theme we might address. Aaron was telling me about the brainstorming he was doing while washing dishes, but instead it came out, "I was brainwashing the other night," and that malapropism became the name of our show. Brainwashing. Later shortened to Brainwash.

We liked the positive connotations of brainwash. It sounds kind of nice. I'd like to have my brain washed, get all the barnacles and crust off of it.

We explored that for a few weeks, and got nowhere. I thought, we have so many talented friends, why are we trying to figure it all out ourselves? Why don't we gather a group of people and make something together?

Aaron was game, so in April we sent out a call to participate in group show called Brainwash, and we got a great response.

We gathered in my studio to decide what we wanted to get out of the show. Fourteen people were there: Aaron, Damion Triplett, Mike Giepert, Kate Bingaman-Burt, Jeremy Pelley, Fritz Mesenbrink, Mathew Foster, Chris Hutchinson, Scrappers, Patrick Long, Marco Kaye, Jennie Hayes, David Neevel and me. Later, one dropped out, and Driscoll Reid, Jason Sturgill, Jim Lasser, Taylor Twist, Julia Oh and Julia Blackburn joined us.

So, an incredible group, but pretty unwieldy too, especially at arriving at a POV. So on that first night, we decided that our best bet might be getting behind a singular idea.

We set up a second night in the studio to create together. Inspired by an event that my wife hosts in my studio called SHARE, the group came together to create. We worked off of a prompt, and worked in teams and solo for a couple of hours generating thoughts.

That's the backstory. Part of it anyway.

The show opens on July 8, and is now called OVER IT. Come see what we make.


Sean Riley said...

would love to see the show. Perhaps a posting for us folks that can't make it to Portland?

I'm principal of a said...

Riley, we will definitely post some pics if we pull it off.

July's going to be interesting, though. I'm going dark on Facebook, Twitter and the blawg, and doing all my creating/expressing non-digitally. I'll prolly/ironically write a blawg post about it. And tweet it.

Deana said...

Is your going "dark" part, or a result of, the art project? Just curious.


maura said...

OH I love this idea. Bummed I missed it. Very very bummed indeed!