Monday, June 7, 2010

Art works

This morning at coffee I looked out the window and saw something I hadn't seen before, a a giant metallic phallic sculpture stuck in the ground just north of my studio.

"It's an acupuncture needle," my coffee guest said. "They're putting them around Portland different places." Ha! What a great idea. Old Town Chinatown could use a little acupuncture. I could.

How do we preserve the history and raise the new energy? How do I preserve the history and raise the new energy?

I can see this needle from the window of my studio and I am so glad.

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Aaron said...

My Korean friends tell me that energy flows down in Chi rivers from the mountains. Often seekers of the Chi will spend years trying to find out where the most concentrated energy rivers flow down the slopes, and when they find it they build a dojang and begin to meditate.
But you don't have to find a concentrated flow to "get" the energy from the mountain, simply going to high elevations for people that are open to the idea of Chi can experience lightness + firmness simultaneously as it flows around them.
Or, if you dare, find yourself levitating.