Thursday, May 20, 2010

The thing that's happening

I've been having so many conversations lately and the common theme seems to be an awareness of just how much everything - everything - seems to be in flux right now. ALL STRUCTURES ARE UNSTABLE, the warning sign reads.

Yes. We are going through a transition of a massive order. Sometimes it looks like things will get worse before they get better, and sometimes it's hard to imagine what better even looks like.

Former Senator Fred Thompson recently wrote in his memoir that this is the first generation that can't take for granted that our kids won't have better lives than we did, but I don't buy that. I think future generations have a chance at lives that are much richer, more meaningful, more connected and joyful, more rooted in abundance than scarcity, in wholeness rather than separation. Sometimes we have glimpses and experiences of what that sort of life that looks and feels like.

This morning I asked a clear-headed friend of mine, What we do when we know something is emerging, but we don't know exactly what it looks like, or how we're going to get there, or what role we will play? We don't retreat, he said. We stay present. We hold the quality and substance of what we seek while getting comfortable with the idea that we can't control how it unfolds. It's not passive. We accept the tension.


Paul Kim said...

I like this line from Arcadia, by Tom Stoppard:

Aaron Rayburn said...

This morning before I read this post I was reading abou the region of Arcadia. It's a Greek word that means "idyllic place" - and was assigned to French Maritime Canada in the 17th century.
Later, the people called Arcadians, were called Acadians due to a language corruption, and were sent in exile to what is currently Louisiana, where the name was further corrupted to "Cajun."

Thus, Cajuns are the descendants of French Maritime Canada, and Iriqoian word for "settlement" - and a classical Greek idea for blissful existence.

Cajuns had been sent into further exile to the French colony of Haiti & now have what most consider an Arcadian Diaspora.

Today, the Governor General of the worlds second largest nation (Canada), is an immigrant from Haiti, coming back to rule her land as Queen Elizabeths Vicerine, 400 years after being exiled.

"The future is disorder" - but, perhaps, did we also emerge from disorder into disorder?

Was there ever order?

Perhaps it's who we are to imagine there was.

oyl miller said...

i am also wondering if there ever was order, or if existence has always manifested itself through one continuous beta state. perhaps the rapid ascension of our interconnectedness has forced our collective mindshare to ascribe order since now more than ever we are evident to eachother in real time, across physical distance, on parallel platforms. perhaps this phenomenon has forced us to realize the once invisible differences between eachother. by putting us in one time and space, we are forced to feel like we are moving towards a common goal. this feels like an uncharted social assumption, at least on this kind of scale. i'm eagerly awaiting more hints and revelations about where we are all going.