Thursday, May 20, 2010

Everyone needs a wand

This weekend I made wands out of a tree limb from the backyard. I conducted this interview with one six-year-old magician-in-training.

Do you believe in magic? Yes.

Why? I don't know.

Is magic real? I don't know.

Why do you believe in it? I don't know.

Is magic good? Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Give me an example of good magic. Turning someone into a bird.

What's an example of bad magic. Stopping someone's heart from beating.

Who's good at magic? Wizards.

Can anybody be a wizard? Not anybody. All boys. Actually, any person can be a wizard.

Do you have anything else important to say about magic? No.

1 comment:

raymond mckinney said...

That's about as good an example of good magic as I've ever seen.