Monday, April 19, 2010

Social Practice

Aaron, in addition to working with me, is a junior in the design program at PSU, studying with Lis Charman and Kate Bingaman-Burt. Lis and Kate have super-charged the program, bringing in people like Frank Chimero to teach Social Practice, a course I'm almost certain did not exist when I was in school. Jealous.

Social practice is work that deliberately and directly involves and engages the audience. Last Friday, as part of the class, teams of students set up projects on campus. Visitors strolling through the park blocks could find themselves escorted to class by a brightly colored robot, participating in ultimate four-square or invited to take a nap in an empty art gallery by students wearing pajamas.

Aaron and his group set up a Dictation Station, where passers-by were offered the chance to have a letter typed and sent to the person of their choice.

The team set up an outdoor office in front of the library and art directed it, and themselves, 1950s-style. The desk is authentic; they pulled it out of university storage.

Nice work, y'all...

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Karen said...

Now I'm curious as to how many people had something to say that they were too afraid to say in person. Sometimes being anonymous can give you the freedom you think you don't have in person.