Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gene Federico's necktie, by Art Chantry

The conversations I am allowed to participate in and think about in 2010 are so much more rich and interesting than anything I had access to during design school in the mid '80s or studying art direction in the late '80s. Easier to tap into direct source, and therefore, deep passion, and stories rich with direct experience.

Here's a great little story and dialogue about artifacts, design heroes, ego, craft and Andy Warhol, narrated by Art Chantry, with commentary by Shawn Wolfe, both important figures in design, themselves.

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I'm Jelly said...

To all my designy-type friends: Chantry keeps pumping out golden stuff on his Facebook blog. He just wrote something wonderful about the "design shop" that produced all the goofy Halloween art that we grew up with. Go friend him for a free education in the Communication Arts by someone mega-talented and passionate.