Monday, March 8, 2010

Free Wes Jackson ticket contest

Why is Wes Jackson so awesome/significant for the emerging culture?

Best 140-characters-or-less response, received by Wednesday, March 10 at noon P.S.T. (either in the comment section here or at @jellyhelm) wins a patron ticket to Wes Jackson's Illahee lecture on Monday, March 15 in Portland.

3/10 Update. Hank Hosfield wrote:

I'm unsure what sustainability means. Or even what I need. Un-driven by culture, what would I find organically essential and fulfilling?

Good questions, Hank. I hope you get to pose them to Wes Jackson. A ticket to his lecture is on its way, courtesy the U.S. Postal Service.


I'm Jelly said...

Thanks to Peter Schoonmaker and Tod Brilliant and the gang at the Post Carbon Institute who hooked me up with a pair of tickets. I can only use one of them, and I thought this would be an interesting way to share the other, and maybe turn someone else on to Wes...

Luke said...

I think younger generations tend to look back at the 1960s/70s and focus on what idealism DIDN'T accomplish, which in turn defuses any fire that might have spurred current action on any front. "If that huge 'Hippie' movement in the 1960s/70s didn't really change politics/business, why would I make a difference?" Figures like Wes Jackson show us the accomplishments that DID happen & are STILL happening, proving that idealism & hard work can survive, if not thrive, in the long-term. At least that's what I hope, as I only learned of his existence a couple minute ago. But he sounds like a big-picture kind of guy with strong ideals, which awesome. Cheers!