Monday, February 8, 2010

This is nice, isn't it.

Using story to show their features. The music is nice. Not sure why they bought media on the Superbowl(tm) though? Maybe that's the only audience in America that's not already using Google.


Anonymous said...

Amen! I also wondered why Google chose to air during the Super Bowl and why...of any theme...they chose to tell the story of a study abroad experience?

Either way, I think it is wonderful and I believe the planner / strategist did an excellent job. (= I was lucky enough to study abroad and now work for a study abroad company and well...let's just say the series of events in this ad really do happen in real life. (= Thanks for sharing this!

Dave Tiedemann said...

I do like this as well.
Very simple, pure and from the heart of the product.

Colin Dodd said...

Yes, I love these. The whole series is great.

I love them so much, I got kind of mad when I first saw them because the connection between story and feature/benefit/product is so seamless and perfect.

I really struggle with that at my company, selling what we sell.

I also think they took some good inspirtation from this chestnut: