Thursday, February 4, 2010

Holy cow that comment gets its own post.

Had to share this graphic passed along via a comment on another post. I love maps and statistical graphics because they are so helpful in understanding complex information.

I learned so much about the US budget so quickly with this, especially when you toggle back and forth between 2010 and 2011, and when you hide mandatory spending. Trying to grasp this from an Excel sheet would've cramped my brain. Visual learning is the best.

Maps. Aaron didn't even know I loved them when he submitted this resumé...!


Anonymous said...

Aaron's map is wonderful – I just I love it! bravo!


Anonymous said...

Why Sweden? Curious.

Colin Dodd said...

Love this.

I may have to appropriate this idea someday when I go out looking for a job.

Ben Vickery said...

that budget graphic is GREAT thanks for sharing. i was blown away by aaron's resume as well! that's quite a catch you've got there in mr. rayburn!

Mike said...

Freaking awesome. Great work. Thanks for sharing. I'm gonna tweet this.