Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2/24 Brunch

We had a nice little celebratory brunch this morning, celebrating five of the applicants for my design assistant position, a lot of great people I worked with in 2009, people I hope to continue working with in 2010, 2010 and all it brings, etc.

It was a very nice time. The youngest attendee was Emmett, seven weeks. The oldest was probably me.

"It seemed as though many of the people I talked to were at a similar stage in life as me; that is striking out on their own for the first time, rolling the dice and believing in their own judgment and talent. It was nice to compare paths, and discuss the challenges."

- Greg Oden's penis
- the Portland Living Building project (sustainability center)
- hand made goods/ local
- the natural step framework
- global economics of buying local and the potential detriment to poorer regions
- renewable energy/ carbon
- cap and trade
- bio mass energy
- conservation: drive your Hummer less
- "turn of the lights when you leave the room" -Dalai Lama
- fat wallet syndrome
- fruitcake: good or bad
- Heather's baby- Lincoln
- soapbox derby crucifixion
- viking pillaging
- black metal yoga
- Joe Sacco at next Think and Drink??

Fun brunch.

I talked to Chris for a while. Mostly, we chatted about the collective consciousness of the creative community around opportunity. We reflected some on the mood of the nation after Obama’s election—it was so positive, so hopeful. Then the recession sort of dashed everyone’s dreams. But now, as we move out of the recession, we both notice that people have used this time to reevaluate their priorities and to create new and exciting opportunities for themselves and others. Cool! I also liked talking with you and Kathleen about New’s crazy to think about how they've repaired some of the icky historical stuff and have even used that to forge healthier race relations.

Thanks so much for a super morning!


Aaron said...

I paid for the four devilled eggs I ate the next day.
What an excellent group of humans

Lloyd Eugene Winter IV said...

An awesome morning for sure, followed by a night of group creativity in action -

Man, was I bushed when I got home.

kateconsumption said...

again, so sorry I missed it! I hope there is an next gathering!

stackingchairs said...

you guys are bloody authentic, and I love it.

thanks for sharing.