Monday, January 25, 2010

Introducing Aaron Rayburn

Today is the first day for Mr. Aaron Rayburn, the talented, thoughtful and interesting young man who is now working with me as a designer, writer, maker, thinker and doer.

It is difficult to express how lucky and grateful I am to have met Aaron, which happened in a round about way through Kate at PSU via Chloe at Reading Frenzy, with a little of Jason Sturgill and Kathleen Holt thrown in.

I'm still going through a small group of the applications. In addition to the actual applications, there's an endless amount of internet stuff for just about every person who applied - online work samples, blogs, interviews, videos - so I end up getting a rich introduction, perhaps a more nuanced idea of who a person is and what inspires them. It's taking time and I'm really enjoying it. That's how I found these words from Frank Chimero.

Almost done. This afternoon, I'll invite the four or five finalists to an event I'm hosting in my studio. I look forward to meeting these talented people and perhaps working with them one day. I'll also be inviting some clients and other people I've collaborated with this year. Making way for and pre-celebrating whatever 2010 holds.


Will_Bryant said...

this is AWESOME newssss

RNorthrop said...

Can't wait to see what you guys make together. Congrats to you both.