Friday, December 11, 2009

Ooh! Ooh! Barack! Pick me!

I went to go see Aaron Draplin at the AIGA designspeak event last night. What a generous, exhuberant guy. I hope I get to work with him sometime.

Anyway, he says he got a job doing some creative work for the White House - the logo/visual identity for the stimulus package, and a Dept. of Transportation project. He got the jobs because they read in his blog about how much he loved Obama.

Longtime blawg readers know, I am not shy about my Obama love.

Analytics tells me I have a handful of readers in DC, so just in case, let me be explicit. I want to work with you, Barack. I'll make time.

What would I do? We'll have to talk about that a little bit. I'm a storyteller, and the world and the country is hungry for a story right now, a uniting story. I think it's the one you are telling. I could help you tell it, I think.

I have another idea cooking that I think you will like, too. Email

[If you're here for the design assistant position, please see next post.]

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