Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Design assistant search: update

I've walked around town and put postcards in dozens of places: coffee shops, galleries, the IPRC, independent bookstores. So many coffee shops. Sometimes I drop by Ace and stamp the shared newspapers. Jeff at Half & Half let me stamp a few dozen of their muffin envelopes.

I contacted top design teachers at PNCA, Art Institute, University of Oregon, OSU, PSU and the Oregon College of Art and Craft. I've placed notices on the campuses as well. I spread the digital word and got multiple thousand of deliveries (in theory, at least) via facebook, Twitter, blawgs, etc. Posted on Craigslist. I made tiny slips of the same info and tipped them into interesting design magazines in bookstores. I'm working really hard to find you.

With two weeks to go, I've received 89 applications by email and several more in person. I'm surprised, because a lot of creative people take until the last minute to get their work done.

I've met some super interesting people, potential collaborators if not all potential design assistants. I'll meet with 6 or so folks based on what I receive by January 15.

I'm so excited. Here's to 2010. Here's to growth.


stumptowner said...

Jelly - If your future squad comes up with any ideas for a good story that my illo style could serve, let me know. Cheers. - jw

I'm Jelly said...

A note to friends/the over-qualified:

A few of you, having seen my call-to-adventure, have jokingly said, "I ought to apply," and I respond, I hope you do!

I'm building a team. It might start with just me and a design assistant/intern, but I am open to it looking a little different. If you're interested in joining in, working with me, seeing if we can find some good stories to tell and feed ourselves in the process, say the word and we can sit down and talk about it. Now's the time.

roberthuston said...


Even if I don't get it, I absolutely love how passionate you are on finding someone. It's odd hearing an employer, or someone in your position doing something so extensive. Awesome! Good luck!

RNorthrop said...

Very cool way to look for your assistant and #1 employee. What an exciting role. Ah, to be just starting right now. I would figure out how to be the ONE. Or convince you that you need two.

For now, I'd love to fly to Portland to talk about how, even in the smallest way, we might finally find an opportunity to work together.

Happy 2010. It's going to be a good one. You can feel it in the air.