Monday, December 14, 2009

Client update: Wikipedia

Started the day with the good news that we are a million dollars ahead of last year in our fundraiser for Wikipedia, despite having started two weeks later. On any given day, we're performing at 300%-500% of last year - amazing.

Much of the success has to be associated with the continuing rise in the passion that people around the world feel towards Wikipedia. People love Wikipedia, they rely on it, and they feel good about giving them money. I sure do.

I also feel good about the work we've created, particularly the donation page, and the way we've tapped into that passion and made it visible.

A few skinned knees along the way, but I've learned as much on this as on any project. A fantastic experience. Learned from mistakes, adapted and adjusted as a team. Feeling good that we're seeing results.

But we're still only halfway to our goal. Help!


Amber Case said...

I'm so excited to see this campaign. I've been showing it to everyone I know, especially while I'm at my studio. I tell them, "look! see this brilliant campaign for Wikipedia?" it's by this wonderful person on the 3rd floor. And they're like, wow! Really? And I show them how the whole thing works. They get really excited.

I'm also so excited that you were able to meet Pete.

I'm Jelly said...

Thanks Amber. Thanks for connecting me with Pete. WM is lucky to have him.

Today's results = best day ever, with a few hours to go... Crazy...

Andrew DeRosa said...

I thought it would be appropriate to pass on this work of the great JK Keller.

which reminds me of the work of Laura Fields' seen here,