Monday, December 21, 2009

Client update: Oregon Humanities

This fall I finished up my work for Oregon Humanities, all except for one little piece I was particularly excited about, a neon sign. It arrived last week.

Anybody west of SW Ninth & Alder with a view of downtown Portland, take a look up in the late afternoon. These dark days are good for viewing.

The sign was made by Keith and Robert at Habromania, two more Portland artisans/craftsmen I am happy to know about and work with. Serifa 45 Light has never looked so tasty. I believe Adrian Frutiger would be pleased.

Here, some of the women of Oregon Humanities take a first look.

This was the cherry on a real ice cream sundae of a project. Thanks Cara, Kathleen, Jennifer, Laura, Raina, and everyone at Oregon Humanities. They're doing good and important work for the city and for Oregon. And they're fun to work with.

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jj said...

Jelly, this is really nice. Love the sign and the rest of the work. Simple, clever, and human.