Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My best creative direction ever

A friend/ex-student sent me this wonderful email this morning. (Blawged with permission.)

Right now I'm working on a campaign for Kobe.
They're asking for a big, global, epic TV campaign. So I guess I've been
thinking about it a lot.

Anyway, I had a dream that __ and I presented some Kobe ideas to you in
the 12 space from a wall covered with stuff. We were real excited. You
didn't like anything we showed.

But, you said, "guys, you solved it!"
I said, "huh?"
You said, "it's up on the wall...something you skipped over."
I said, "what is it??"
You said, "I'm not going to tell you."
I said, "but there's tons of shit up there!"
You said, "I guess you'll have to figure that out. But, the good news is,
it's up there."

I woke up with a feeling of confidence, and anxiety.
Probably right where I need to be.
Thanks for the subconscious creative direction.

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