Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A hundred and five degrees

Hot enough today that I feel like sticky bread dough. The homemade sunshades for my car are working overtime. I have a baby fan in my studio and I covered my windows with brown craft paper to block the sun. It's hot, y'all.

At least I've discovered the iced coffee at my neighborhood coffee shop, the iced coffee that reportedly Stumptown itself modeled its cold-brewing method on, so all is well. I have drunk so much I am vibrating. It is so good. I like Backspace a lot.

Despite the sweltering meth lab vibe of my studio, interesting conversation this morning with Lars Pedersen, a writer and creative strategist who does a lot of work for an agency in Copenhagen that sounds like the Danish W+K. Lars and I connected through a serendipitous set of circumstances involving Gary Hirsch and Mark Barden, plus Lars and family are house-swapping with my friend Brad Robertson this summer.

Our sprawling conversation covered the changes happening in the world, and in business, and in our business. We talked about the limits of "sustainability" as a concept, the difference between value and profit, the distance many big companies have between where they currently are and their good and authentic founder's story, and the Zoroastrian vision for humans' earthly destiny.

Just a good, nourishing conversation, about many of the topics that I like to blawg about. Or liked to blawg about maybe. We also talked about how a blawg is a great discipline for clarifying and expressing your thoughts in short bursts and making them visible to the world - but how ultimately - to me at least - it's an unsatisfying format for someone interested in dialogue and having thoughts shaped by bumping up against others.

Anyway, energizing connecting with someone equally caught up with all of the change and growth happening in the world. I bet we end up collaborating on something.

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