Thursday, May 14, 2009

Value & Wealth

As we are rebuilding our economy, the questions I am most interested in have to do with value and wealth, in the fullest sense of the words. What do we value? Where is our wealth? It’s clearly not where we thought it was. Where is our security?

How do we create value and wealth as a society? How do I create value and wealth? We are natural wealth and abundance machines. What sort of wealth do we wish to create?

We created one sort of “abundance” and watched it collapse, hollow. What sort of abundance do we want to create this time? How will it be different than what we created before? How we strengthen it? What will be its center? Will this culture ever have a center again?

Where is our value as people? What do we value? Where is our wealth?

Where is my value as an individual? What do I value? Where is my wealth?

I’m asking these questions sitting here in this wonderful public garden in downtown Seattle. It makes me think of the MLK waterfall in San Francisco. Yesterday I had a wonderful meeting with a new client I am grateful to be working with. They have a terrific story that will benefit from a better telling. I am working with a team well-suited for the task. I will wander around downtown a bit before I catch the train back to Portland.

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Ashly Stewart said...

Have you read The Real Wealth of Nations by Riane Eisler?

I think you would enjoy-