Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I just read an interesting blawg this weekend that showcased cool calling cards made by neighborhood gangs in Chicago in the '60s and '70s. There's so much interesting stuff out there. Everyone has a blawg or facebook page or twitter account or youtube channel or photo stream with something interesting to share.

Which lead me to an idea, which I believe will guarantee every one of us enjoys our deserved share of the limelight.

Here's how it will work. Every day, including Saturday and Sunday, globalblogoftheday.com will showcase a blawg, facebook page, twitter account, flickr account, etc. for one person in the world. For one day, you would have the attention of 8 billion people! Imagine how you could use that stage!

It would start in alphabetical order. Based on only 50% of the world's population participating, and on my last name, This is Jelly's blog will be featured on October 17 in the year three million four hundred twenty thousand nine hundred and twenty three.

(If we alphabetize by first name, I jump to June 29, 1,687,994.)

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I'm Jelly said...

Already the cynics and skeptics are pointing out the flaws in my idea. Now I know how Obama feels.

No, the idea does not account for people who will be born and come of age before everyone currently alive gets their turn on globalblogoftheday.com, but I'm sure that could be factored in.

Also, in response to people who've asked how I could skip so far ahead in line with the first name alphabetization, I've used the name that is on my birth certificate, "David."