Friday, April 10, 2009

Interesting PDX

Went to that event last night where 20 people each do a 3-minute presentation on something they're passionate about. It was, yeah, interesting. It was neat. I like the new energy around social activities like these.

The event was held at Norse Hall, a 1928 dance hall and event space built for people of Norwegian heritage living in Portland. Beautiful and funky place. I like the table and chair in the men's bathroom.

The presentations covered the gamut. Gary Hirsch did the most efficient 3 minute presentation of improvisation - complete with audience participation - that I've ever seen. Fun.

The ones that stuck were the ones full of passion and sincerity, the woman who visited Afghanistan, the woman paying tribute to her grandfather, the guy with the website dedicated to people with gaps in their teeth, the guy who loves fruit.

I have mixed feelings about the format - which is super popular right now with this and Pecha Kucha and IGNITE Portland and whatnot. It's fun, but reminds me of sitting in front of the TV changing channels. Nothing penetrates too deeply. But it's sweet that a couple hundred people would go out on a Thursday night to do something like this. Encouraging.


Spazzles said...

Hey man. Nice blog. Hope the fam is great. Miss talking to you. Tough being the boss huh? You are PERFECT for it. They are lucky to have you. I'm very proud of you. We should talk this year. Take care.

markjacobs said...

you're so positive. i thought it was miserable. like a series of 3 minute commercials for the most part. it was like they couldn't find anybody so they asked local businesses if they could creatively promote themselves. ugh. i left at half time. if had paid $16 i seriously would've asked for my money back.

Colin Dodd said...

They have a similar thing in open source software development circles, called barcamp, only the three minute presentations are pitches for people to come and hear you speak more fully later in the event.

Obviously, it changes it from an evening into a full day, but it gives the initial excitement you like, with the depth that you want.

It can be a little brutal, though, because if no one is interested in your topic, no one shows up later.

Usually, there is a vote on which topics move on to the in-depth phase.