Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Guest blogger/Earth day

These comments - and images - from a regular reader:

you did really give up on the blog, huh? only twitter? i read that article as well as others about it. there was another relating to kids, that i can't find.

i loved that nyt article...about the bog and poverty.

i have come the conclusion that twitter can be...bad. like, really totally not a good thing. albeit, i know there are some tweets that r's is pretty funny...but that's because he lived in 4 of course the food factor change up is fun.

and then i was like, what's the big deal? isn't twitter a compressed version of "comments" from myspace or, older, friendster? minus the personal info and the hoops?

it's really weird. no matter how hard i try to wrap my head around it or convince myself to start one, i just cannot. esp now. i'd rather hear an egg fry or get out a pen and write something down.

anyway...hope you are well...i'll keep checking per usual...

in conclusion...tweets freak me out. :)

Thanks for the comment, reader. I hear you. As long as you're freaking out, and in honor of Earth Day, here's this!

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