Monday, March 9, 2009

Portland Antique Show

Found a few lovely things at the Portland Antique Show this weekend. It's pretty neat that I can scan these things and instantly share them. Sort of changes the value of the objects in an interesting way.


I'm Jelly said...

On one hand, it magnifies its value. Because everyone can "have" it.

But it also decreases its physical value, at least to me. After I scan it, I could give it back to the place that sold it to me, no problem.

Makes me think of the tetrad that McLuhan used to evaluate a new medium.

Deana said...


I collect the same. Lots of travel – One of my favorites is an album of someone’s camping trip along the Columbia River in a Model T . Saturday was my tractor-crazy son’s 4th birthday and my parents gave him a little photo album of a family from the 1930’s posing with their new Farmall tractor. Each of them posed individually and together and it was collected in this little 2x3 album. It’s wonderful. Just as much of a present to me as to him!

Thanks for sharing.