Monday, March 9, 2009


The family and I are off to Mexico for the rest of the month, sin computadora, so I'll leave you a couple of things I'm chewing on.

First, all the current interest in our hyperinstantconnectedness has me thinking about what this ability will mean for us going forward? To assist my ponderings, I drew a copy of the tetrad that organizes the way Marshall McLuhan examined the effects of a new medium on its culture, and I put it on the wall.

Imagine a world where every human has an iPhone-like device. What will this hyperinstantconnectedness enhance?

What will it make obsolete?

What will our hyperinstantconnectedness retrieve that had been obsolesced earlier?

And what will it flip into when pushed to extremes?

All of the economic stuff also has me thinking about wealth. As a planet, where is our wealth? As a country, where is it? Individually, where is our wealth? It's not in my 401(k) anymore. So where is it? How do I grow it? How do we grow our collective wealth?

Alright then. Back at the end of the month.




trente33trois said...

Miles was actually visibly shaken by the news that Leo and Tucky wouldn't be at school until after Spring Break.

He also thought that you were going to visit Brad's relatives because apparently that's what he associates with Mexico. Have blissful and enlightening travels. I'll miss all of your faces while you're away.

bfultz said...

Looking forward to your return and some answers. with all this hyperinstantconnectivity, it's hard to find solitude anymore. Or is it? I just have to find the strength to turn "it" off.