Tuesday, March 31, 2009

C-5 Galaxy

Making good progress on the latest flying vehicle model, the C-5 Galaxy. My son chooses the plane, plans the design, picks the materials, and I am co-structural engineer and fabricator. The game is about keeping the design simple, working fast, not cutting yourself, and relying primarily on Elmer's Glue and cardboard for structural integrity. It's so fun.

The materials cost 90 cents at SCRAP. Leo had the idea for how the wings attach and it was smart. They are solid. The C-5 opens from the front and we're working on that too.

Then we all paint it together.

If you have a kid, or a nephew/niece, try this. You will love it. It's the funnest thing ever.

Off to go have coffee with Fredrik Averin. We're working on a couple of projects together.

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I'm Jelly said...


Fred told me that as of tomorrow, he will be the Design Director for the Portland office of creative shop JDK. Wahoo! Great news for JDK and Fred both...


Also, Fred brought a printed test sheet of the IMPERIAL WOODPECKER poster that printed while I was in Mexico. It looks nice!

Then we went over to W+K to pick up extra copies of the poster the print producer left for us, and I stopped in to see the 12.5 students, and ran into a bunch of grads too. I am always refreshed by those guys. Nice morning...