Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Pop

Have not been feeling too blawgy lately - not for lack of things to say or stories to share, but a little for the lack of clarity. I mean, can you believe this world out there? I was always a little jealous I didn't get to really experience the '60s, but we got our '60s now. The palpable change, the transformation, the shifting plates - it's incredible but difficult to process cognitively. You kind of just have to let go.

Today my father would be 88 years old. My brother John posted this photo of him on his facebook page today. I love his sweet expression.

He was honorary father and grandfather to many people in Louisville. When he died, hundreds showed up from all ranks, Archbishop and bank president, rich and poor, black and white. Many strangers told me that my father was the kindest person in their life. He had an amazing capacity to receive other people's suffering.

My father was almost 44 when I was born, so I sort of caught his second act. He had already served on three fronts in two wars, raised 5 children, the oldest 19, before I came around.

I may have gotten less time with him than my brothers and sisters, but am grateful that I got to experience some of his best years. After I was born, he started a successful business, stopped drinking and smoking, rediscovered his spiritual roots, went back to college, took up writing, eventually becoming a working writer.

For me, what my father most reinforced in his life is that growth never stops and faith is always warranted.

He would be so loving what is happening in the world right now, it just makes me smile.


stephen giem said...

so good. happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

this is a really lovely entry

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your writing about Jack and seeing the photos of him with John and back from Korea. He was a great guy and memories of him always make me smile. Best, R Schuler

trh said...

thanks for the inspiration, Pop. t