Monday, January 5, 2009

Standing under

Thom Walters and I celebrated the New Year with a return visit to Mt. Angel for a short day retreat. We ran into Fr. Vincent again, and got to see the continuing transformation of the monastery's 1890 printing press building into what has to be the coolest coffee shop in Oregon and that's saying a lot.

Beth, a woman who works in development for the monastery, utilized hundred-year-old furniture from the press like these awesome type tables and a twelve foot long table that still has 50-year-old correspondence in the drawers. Homemade cookies. Wonderful music. I think it may have replaced Aalto's library as my favorite place to sit and read and write on the hill.

No it didn't. The library is still awesome. Not just the building, the holdings. Today I stumbled upon copies of the Rebellion Record, the first volume printed in 1861 and continuing through 1865, a fascinating real-time documentation of the civil war. Sure, you can read it on Google, but holding in your hand the real object from those days, it can't be beat.

Got back to my studio in time to meet with Fred Averin for a project I'm working on. Fred brought an original collection of posters from Sr. Corita Kent.

How about this wonderful piece from 1968 - still looks and sounds so modern.

Here's to 2009. Thanks for all the love.


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Chloe said...

I love Mt. Angel Abbey! Can you believe it even exists?! That crazy huge pipe organ, the Aalto library, rare book collection, oddball museum and NOW a cool coffee shop?! In the middle of almost nowhere?! Almost as mind blowing as the apparition that is Maryhill Museum.