Monday, January 26, 2009

Seattle train station renovation

Some knucklehead put an ugly drop ceiling in Seattle's historic King Street Station (1906). Probably an effort to save money somewhere along the way, or worse. Don’t get me started about how the car companies and oil companies and tire companies and government conspired to kill rail travel in America!

Anyway, they are renovating it now, and so far, doing it right.


Just another reason to love the train. It is so pleasant. Driving to Seattle on I-5 is one hour shorter and three times more miserable. I wonder, as more people come to the conclusion that individually-owned, combustion-engined vehicles may not be sustainable for the planet at scale, whether rail will return? I think people would buy it.

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Ian Fitzpatrick said...

Gorgeous. My morning ride through the relatively-threadbare Harvard Station is among the highlights of my day. Thanks for the post.