Saturday, January 24, 2009

Order/chaos + meaning

My iPhone glitched on the way up to Seattle and started spontaneously playing all my songs, in alphabetical order.

Here is the playlist:

"Absolutely Sweet Marie," Bob Dylan, Blonde on Blonde
"Acknowledgement," John Coltrane, A Love Supreme
"Across the Universe," The Beatles, Let it Be
"Across the Universe," The Beatles, Past Masters, Vol. 2
"Act Naturally," The Beatles, Help!
"Afternoon Tea," The Kinks, Something Else
"Ain’t No Free," NRBQ, At Yankee Stadium
"Ain’t That A Groove," James Brown, Star Time
"Aja," Steely Dan, Aja
"Alabama," Neil Young, Harvest
"Alabama Song," David Bowie, Scary Monsters

It’s weird how a random/shuffled list of songs can seem to perfectly fit your life or present moment, like a fortune cookie sometimes can, or a horoscope (especially Rob Brezny’s!) or an I Ching divination or a particularly right-on fortune teller on the right night. I think it’s because so much of the story is actually completed in our own heads, and we look for and interpret things to reinforce our self-story.

David Drake is a narrative psychologist who uses story as his framework for working with clients. His insight is that all of our behavior comes from the story we tell about ourself. Instead of concentrating on behavior, David emphasizes our ability to create and narrate our own story.

I am thinking a lot about story lately as I watch the beautiful story being so artfully crafted, expressed and manifested by Obama and his team. We Are One he titled his concert in DC, and everything flows from that simple story: the openness and transparency of his website, his disavowal of partisan politics, the public - but gentle, like a father! – chiding of his Vice President when he made fun of Chief Justice Roberts. Beautiful.

As much as I go on about it all, I am no Obama worshipper, not into the cult of personality part - as Obama has said many times, "this is not about me" - but I believe in the story he is telling and I want to participate in it, fully. This moment, the momentous changes happening in the world, its timing with my going out on my own, thinking about what my own story is about - it all seems so perfectly timed.

But maybe it’s like the random songs, how I create the meaning and connection in my own mind. Maybe I would’ve felt this inspired and clear if McCain had been elected. Or maybe it all fits together perfectly in a beautiful Symphony that we are listening to and singing, all at once.


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