Friday, January 9, 2009

New F/ART Fellows announced

Presenting the next two 2009 F/art Fellows.

Ron Liberti, nominated by Colin Dodd.

I nominate Chapel Hill silk screener Ron Liberti because his posters and art are amazing, he's deeply committed to his work, and this commitment actually inspires bands, writers, musicians, writers, theater people, etc. to get as good at what they're doing as he is at what he is doing, so they can hire him (usually at a very low, affordable cost) to make a poster for their shows, shows and performances which, in turn, he feeds off to make even better posters- all of which feeds a continuously expanding feedback loop that keeps my small town a very creatively fertile place.

Additional sentence: He also recently acquired an old red Jeep Cherokee on which the F/ART sticker will look great.

David Neevel, nominated by Ross McSweeney.

David Neevel should [be a F/art Fellow]. He emodies and embraces the spirit of f/art, and then releases it to all those who come in contact with him. And his beard is almost entirely composed of f/arts.

Congratulations David and Nick. You are 2009 F/art Fellows.


Colin Dodd said...


I'm gratified that my nominee, Ron Liberti, has won a F/ART fellowship.

Thank you to the selection committee.

RL said...

Thank you very much , I'm honored .
And thanks for the killer bumper sticker.

Ron Liberti