Sunday, January 25, 2009

2 enjoyable Seattle meals

My sister Lucy was a hell of a host this weekend, not only putting me up, but taking me out for two outstanding meals. First night Edgar Easom joined us. He's an old friend who is involved in the project that took me to Seattle.

We went to Tilth, an unfortunately-named but cozy NYT-Top 10er that serves delicious and interesting small plates like wild mushroom crème brulee and mini duck burgers and an awesome smokey cassoulet.

Second night we met my nephew Michael and his wife Jenn at Tamarind Tree, a casual and inspired Vietnamese restaurant with a strong POV. The black sesame seed ice cream was da bomb.

Jenn is an anesthesiologist and Michael a pediatrician and researcher. They have a 20-month-old son, Henry, and are expecting twins this spring, and they're all smiles about it.

Michael recently started a month-long rotation in a downtown hospital working with adult patients, and it’s a little different than his work with kids. He told us about walking in to meet his very first patient. “Good morning, Mr. Thompson. How are you?”

“Fuck you,” the man replied.

Good meals, good company, good conversation: Huzzah, Lucy!

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John Helm said...

It sounded fun. One of the many nice things about journaling - it makes a person more observant. I enjoy your observations.