Thursday, January 29, 2009

The L.A.

Back from a quickie trip to the L.A. to award a F/art Fellowship to Jesse Dylan.

Jesse is a lovely dude. He is led by his heart, and that, combined with his talent for translation, means that he's become the guy that the cause-related people call when they need help telling their story.

He and his producer Priscilla work with some of the most interesting progressive people and causes, from Barack to Bono's RED and One campaigns to the TED conference. Here's a film he made for Karen Armstrong, 2008 TED prize winner, to help her achieve her wish to create a universal Charter for Compassion.

Jesse and I talked about collaborating on some upcoming projects while we watched his 13-year-old son dominate the post in a 56-12 shellacking of the hometeam Wolfpack. Youch.

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