Saturday, January 3, 2009


You get a bowl of cold water and lower in a baby food jar filled with hot water and food coloring and it looks like a volcano. Tucky found the idea in a book of experiments.

Then we tried green, then Tucky had the idea of mixing green and red, which made black and was awesome.

This is not helping the economy.


John Helm said...

I like that this was Tucky's idea.

I can imagine having fun if I were there - I would like to experiment with other concoctions. I think I could make Tucky laugh - but probably piss off Kathleen.

Flick said...

Happy New Year. I have a little extra time these days and discovered your blog. I love it. It is so easy to get into a rut of a routine. In art school, it was about trying to experience as many different things as fast as possible. My kids tend to get (and deserve) all my extra attention now. But remembering that there is so much cool stuff to see and do and learn out there is a gift you are giving. So thanks.

It's really great to see things from you that I also know and love (verifying the source) like Bukowski or Joseph Campbell because I get excited about all the other stuff I haven't experenced. Fenske had that same effect on me. From him I got "A Love Supreme" by Coltrane, the best auditory experience of all time for me, it's the perfect thing to listen when I have a creative problem to solve.

Here's my little contribution.

I want to recommend seeing a movie at the Portlander Cinema. Not so much for the movie, just for the adventure. Also, I recommend going by yourself. It's off the 5 towards Janson Beach. I didn't know it until I got there, but it's also a truck stop, and a bar, and a restaurant, and a hotel, and a chiropractor. Maybe everyone knows about this place, but I didn't and I loved it. You get there, walk through the convenience store, sit in this oddly quiet Keno bar full of truckers sitting by themselves, and order a bud. When you finish your beer you ask the bar tender/sandwich maker/ice cream scooper/movie ticket seller to buzz you into a small theater with really bright fluorescent lighting and the most eclectic group of people you have ever seen (speaking of Bukowski). The movie itself is unimportant, but a good Ridley Scott film like "Body of Lies" works pretty good. You get a little adventure, a good cheap movie and a strong feeling of gratitude for what you have in your life.

Keep up the good work. Peace out.