Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 F/ART Fellowships

Visited Avalon Antiques again today, looking for inspiration for another project. I asked Simon, one of the owners, whether I could take a few photos, and he wondered whether I was one of those a-hole designers who takes a lot of photos and steals ideas and never buys anything. No, I'm one of those a-hole designers who takes a lot of photos and steals ideas and sometimes buy things.

Somehow it comes up that when the Beastie Boys were in Portland for a private show, they came to Avalon and bought their stage outfits from him. That's so cool.

Here's a photo of Adrock from that show. Check out the lucky fan in the baseball cap.

Then Meghan over at the Apple Store sets me up for an Apple One to One membership. For $99 you get an hour a week with someone cooler and younger than you who knows everything about Apple. My brother told me it's the best thing ever, that he comes out of every session feeling inspired and creative.

Of course, this is the same brother who recommended that I join the Navy and play free safety on the 4th/5th/6th grade football team as an eight-year-old.

Then over to the Transportation Parade at school. Leo drove a hybrid car, Tucky an airplane.

Still, what today will be remembered for is the announcement of the 2009 F/ART Fellowships, honoring a select group of talented, generous, open-hearted spirits who contribute to the stinky beauty of the world through their own unique creative self-expression.

The first F/ART Fellow is Gary Hirsch, artist, performer, improv teacher and entrepeneur, who has never had a boss in his life and discovered his career path by doing exactly what he wants.

Congratulations, Gary. You are a F/ART Fellow.

To nominate someone for a F/ART Fellowship, please send an email to me@jellyhelm.com with the nominee's name, postal address, and a single, if run-on, sentence as to why he or she deserves to be a F/ART Fellow. Please use the subject line: "F/ART Fellow nomination." F/ART Fellows will receive a F/ART bumpersticker and a copy of your nomination.


trh said...

Thanks for the shoutout, Dude. It'll be fun to share it with the Apple guys. t

gary said...

F**K! I am the number 1 F/ART! I can't wait to tell my kids!


I'm Jelly said...

I went to the Portland Art Museum and bought the fixins to create 12 F/ART bumperstickers and... nothing! Not one nomination! Hmpf.

I was convinced it would be a gangbuster way to promote This is Jelly's blawg.

My brother Ted suggested that maybe it was because the nomination process was not clear.

"You don't think it was clear?" I asked.

"I don't know. I had my head pretty far up my ass when I was reading it."

Colin Dodd said...

I was sort of wondering what the fellowship winner gets...where is that? The nominator gets the sticker, right?

I have a silkscreener I am going to nominate as soon as I get his postal address.

I'm Jelly said...

"F/ART Fellows will receive a F/ART bumpersticker and a copy of your nomination."