Friday, December 5, 2008

Weights & Pulleys

Had a great lunch Thursday with James and Matt at Bijou Cafe.

Matt, on the right, was in the first class I taught at VCU Adcenter 10 years ago. We worked together at both the Martin Agency and W+K. He recently came back from Minneapolis, where he was a creative director at Carmichael Lynch, to join James Selman at Weights and Pulleys.

I got to know James at Wieden. He was the art director on everything to do with Lance Armstrong, from socks to web banners to the yellow wristband to this lovely TV spot. He and Lance became friends out of their experience together.

James really helped in the creation of 12. He was a great sounding board, and his experience at Cranbrook, with its focus on small groups with a collaborative, work-over-ego attitude, it influenced the 12 philosophy.

Since I included one of James's commercial, I should include something from Matt. How about this one for Nike.

I hope these guys, and Mutt, get successful enough to frequently hire overpaid freelance copywriter/creative directors. I believe they will.

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trh said...

I think you've hit your stride with your blog...tight.