Monday, December 15, 2008

Freestyle poetry from Tucky

A bird sits in a nest

Has a wonderful world to be in

Frogs hop that you don’t like

They always are liked by another person

A snake going along always finds a mice to eat

A pig in the mud puddle really loves a bath

Sky is all blue and forest all green

Make this world part of this land
All these animals have their nests

Make the world a part of ours

Deer are playing and birds are singing

And pigs are in their mud puddles
And blue whales are floating

And seals are swimming

Make the world part of our peace

Deer pull our sled

And santa claus gives toys

We love Christmas

Winter has polar bears

And penguins

Until it’s summer

Start winter again

Start summer again

Like this peace
We love

Wars are coming

We don’t like
They are bad

We get food

We need it
And our water
Keeps us safe

Because we might die without it

Part of this world
has the war
We have to stop
Go away of here
And stop that war
Don’t just not protect your food
Go away
Food can help the war

[Transcription by K.L.]

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John Helm said...

marvelous - I am a proud uncle.