Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Even the biz cards are cool

Had a good visit with Dan Carol. We got to know each other in 2004. He was an advocate and catalyst for the November 2 campaign.

He bought the premise of Obama as a post-consumer brand.

"Then why'd you buy so much TV?" I asked him.

"We bought everything," he said. "Look, the strategy was, expand the map. Compete everywhere. Build a broad-based coalition of the old and the new."

And in getting messages to the 15-20% of undecided voters broadly and quickly, TV works, and they could afford it. So that's my answer for Joseph Gallivan. TV was a tactic. The brand-building, the storytelling, it was done elsewhere.

"Did we do any spots that stood out [as brand builders]? I don't know. Hands, maybe.

"The key marketing strategy of the campaign was letting people own it. People made it their own campaign."

I believe this is true for all post-consumer brands. The people control the storytelling. Traditional brands miss when they try to manufacture or manipulate this - Go to to make your own Chevy commercial and email it to a friend! It can only come out of genuine love, built on authentic, direct experience.

Here are my three favorite pieces of Obama marketing as made by other people: Stacy Wall's sticker, Shepard Fairey's poster, and's video.

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