Friday, December 12, 2008

Crowsenberg's Half & Half

A few years ago Matt Stein and I used Half & Half, then Crowsenberg's Half & Half, as the location for a campaign we created for the AOL pitch. We wanted to show a cool local business that had incorporated AOL into their business.

We shot photos of this awesome little cafe, of Keith and Robin - the co-owners - and their customers. Here's Jona Bechtolt as a spammer. Jona applied to 12.2.

Robin had great visual taste and was connected to some of the most interesting people in Portland. She introduced me to at least three eventual 12 students. When W+K lost our creative recruiter, we took a chance and hired Robin. She had zero experience but I felt sure with her taste and skills at making connections she would be a real asset.


Chris said...

I got to visit "mecca" this summer thanks to Robin. She's the jam!

Robin said...

Ah memories!