Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Just back from the Think and Drink event at rontoms. Good-sized crowd, people engaged and good spirited. Began by asking people to pair up and have a conversation while one person concentrated on intentional listening - curious, non-judgmental, present.

Got back together and discussed the state of advertising. Asserted that we are moving towards a post consumer economy, where experience trumps advertising, and successful brands - or, stories - deliver meaning and connection.

After more small group conversation, closed with Graves/Cowan/Beck/Wilber's Spiral Dynamics model as context for my opinion that culturally we are moving into the yellow meme, where the best of all levels is synthesized.

Good event I think, as people seemed energized afterwards. I enjoyed seeing Jim and Harriet, Alan from W+K, Dave Allen, Randy Gragg, Laura from the Oregonian, Brian Setzler, Miriam Feuerle, Miles, Courtenay, Phil Busse, Sarah G. The OCH gang is cool. Interesting mix of old and young people. Afterwards an older man said to me as he was leaving, putting his hat on, Good job, young fella.


trh said...

It was fun reading this morning. Glad your event went well.

John Helm said...

Very interesting - what is "think and drinki" - is open to all, people invited? I need to learn more about spiral dynamics.

JenAllen said...

In pondering your talk and our next issue of Oregon Humanities magazine, on the theme of Nostalgia, I ran across this thought from John Berger's Ways of Seeing:

"Publicity is, in essence, nostalgic. It has to sell the past to the future. It cannot itself supply the standards of its own claims. And so all its references to quality are bound to be retrospective and traditional. It would lack both confidence and credibility if it used a strictly contemporary language." That seems so contrary to what I assume - that ads sell us the future, imagined realities rather than existing or past ones. If advertising is dead, does that unmoor us from the past in some way?