Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The conversation continues

I think the Oregon Council for the Humanities accomplished what they wanted with their Think and Drink event last week, at least judging from my experience. The idea of a post-consumer economy has sparked a number of passionate conversations, in person and online, with creative thinkers/makers Shu and Joe, writer and "backyard economist" Harriet Fasenfest and others.

Joseph Gallivan, who wrote a story about 12 for the Portland Tribune a while ago, challenged my assertion that post-consumer brands are not built through advertising. "If Obama spent $1Bn, most of it on traditional ads, what was he up to?"

Dan Carol is dropping by in a minute, and I'm going to bring that up with him. He worked for the Obama campaign in online content and media strategy and I imagine he'll end up in DC working for the administration somehow.

On the phone I said I was ready to pack my bags and head east with him. "I'm free to go, " I told him. "I'm not working for Wieden+Kennedy anymore."

"Advertising?" he replied, "That's so last century!"

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