Friday, December 12, 2008

Bombing all lines: 2 requests for readers

Thanks to Google Analytics, I can see where my traffic comes from. With your help today, I can expand my audience as well as improve the quality of This is Jelly's blog.

Could you please forward This is Jelly's blog to any friends who you think might enjoy reading it who happen to live in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, Indiana, Michigan, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico or Hawaii? I'm going for the 50 state strategy.

My international support is also growing, with strong followings in Belgium (19 visits) and Ireland (9). Also gaining traction in Asia, with repeated viewings in Singapore (2) and Malaysia (2). India is rising (2), with equally strong interest in Italy (2), Sweden (2), Spain (2) and Mexico (2). Could you help build this wave, and share This is Jelly's blog with your friends living in other countries, too? Thank you.

I'd like to better understand the tastes and interests of my audience in an effort to provide a better blawg. That's why I ask every repeat reader to send in your comment on why you read This is Jelly's blog.

Is it the leaf photos, the movie/book discussion, the flavors of Chinatown/Portland, the observations about advertising and post-consumer what not, the mundane comings-and-goings of an ad man on sabbatical, the quest to work for Obama, the F/art jokes? Are you my brother? What keeps you coming back?

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trh said...

Mom makes me read it.

John Helm said...

Iceland?! that is impressive. I think we have some Schulten relatives in New Hampshire that could be invited to get that state.

I appreciate you efforts to keep your site updated with interesting reading.

Chris said...

Don't forget your loyal Canadian readers! Although I'm sorry my Google Reader fucks up your pins on a map success gradient.

Max E. said...

Just keep the content coming jelly. The public decides the rest. I linked you on my blog. We are huge in france.

oyl said...

i like reading about when 12ers stop by the studio for 'grandfather talks'

Penny said...

I like to see what old friends are up to. And I'm down with chris. I read nearly everything in google reader these days. Not sure where that originates from. California somewhere I guess. But you can stick a pin in the map in London.

David said...

I always wanted to be in your class. This is better. I get to hear your thoughts without having to do any work!