Saturday, November 1, 2008

Original Gangsta typography

Half driven by the primitivism of my skills, half by the desire to use obscure typefaces that have no digital counterpart, I've been cutting and pasting type this week.

It's awesome. So much fun. Great way to work.

Grandfather Mountain is the new production company started by Stacy Wall and Doug Halbert from Epoch Films. Grandfather Mountain is a real place that has meaning for Stacy as a North Carolinian. It also is just a great name. For me, both words have nothing but positive - and many overlapping - connotations.

I'm working with a small group of people exploring logo directions. We're considering something pretty straight and clean which is then interpreted in modern ways.

I'm trying to design the logo as it might have looked in the '20s or '30s if there had been an old school hot springs resort on the mountain.

I'm not crazy about anything I've tried so far except that one with the funny triangle ends on the letters - bottom right, above and to the left of the outline type.

I'm not taking responsibility for the letterspacing on the heavy gothic font in the center. Luker did that. Compare that, if you'd like, with the spacing in the gothic font on the top left. Interesting.

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Anonymous said...

Ironically, even though it was so close to Asheville, I only went to Grandfather Mountian once in my life, and I went with Pop.